Friday, January 7, 2011

gudbye to 2010 :)

skul reopen!! sien lar..nid wake at 5a.m EVERYDAY!!! damn tired u knw?? emm..lets say about my christmas eve :) my buddy came my house n bbq :DD had alot of fun wif them so tat day went midvalley wif them too..the ktm DAMN MORE PPL...went there watch movie..celebrate yen birth :) then i took ktm bak wif kayne 1st..HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO year eve i went munchong's bbq...quite many ppl went there...had alot of fun wif them too...i'll miss them very much much..coz actually its hard to see them..we countdown till 2 then bak hm :DD thx shern for fetching me bak hm :) tat's all for my 2010!! BYEEEEEEEEE :)

PS: lazy upload photo :D

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A ........ DAY!!!

went midvalley wif tat 38 lao...kian kun...went there bought present for sum1...hehe...the present alr mine present abit i think i finish it tonight :D
so..we walk n walk n walk..finally!! bought a duno call wat at S&J shop...for ah yen :D
then..we went for our lunch at chicken rice is 25bucks..after makan we rush for our movie-JUST CALL ME NOBODY :)...the movie gt abit..emm..quite 38...after movie then we bye...then i went F.O.S find yie shern..he shock dao when he saw a while then i had dinner wif sis n her bf at SS2 :D cant wait for dec 31 :DD

Monday, December 20, 2010

swimming day :)

SUDDENLY went swimming wif tat 38 po-my cousin (miss even) :)
she called along her fren bt they macam very busy ar..mayb doing business..hehehe...
we went to another cousin apartment for a swim..swim for 30 mins then went to cousin's house to bath..after bathing,went to mamak stall to eat maggie goreng then back home sweet home.. :D

Friday, September 17, 2010

the 1st meet :D

wow!! long time din post anything here... :) mayb i busy??!! i oso duno..
emm...last saturday went 1u wif yen,yijia n FOO XIN LIN!! quite shock hor?? bian..yijia said he suddenly miss me :) hehe...
went for 2movies tat day- RESIDENT EVIL AND PIRANHA!!
piranha quite okay only...actually is watse money...hahaha...
after movie went for shabu shabu...after dinner then HOME!! :)
(next time juz post those photo) :D

Sunday, July 18, 2010


third day of my birth-JULAI 18 :)
its yukai's birth today..wish him HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! hehehe..went sunway today...wif waiyen,shu hui,khai ping ,cjx n nicholas....wanna thx them especially NICHOLASSSSSSSSS....he really waste alot alot of money...reached there at 12sumthing...wait them till 1...then went for our lunch-SUSHI KING!!! emm...waste 70bucks there..i mean all of us lar..nicholas belanja us....okay..then we went for skate!! me n cjx 1st time gv to them...4 of them damn pro...juz we 2 keep standing there...dun ever dare to move...damn scared ler...n i fall down 3 whole body damn pain..waste 100sumthing at skate...after skate..went for our god!! its really boring..feel like wanna slp in the cinema..wate money T.T...after movie..we played those "basketball" n cjx a group..waiyen n khai ping a we still lose khai ping them 5marks...247 vs still nt bad lor...after tat..i went shopping wif waiyen...4 of them juz lepak there..(i think they bought cake for me)..haha...had our dinner at FULL HOUSE..damn expensive man..tis is the 1st time went full house..n i order wrongly..i duno wats tat..n its was MAGGIE MEE...went full house ate maggie mee...let ppl laugh...after dinner..we busy taking photo...n SUDDENLY!! the waiter took the cake n they sang birthday song to me..felt very shocked n duno wanna gv wat reaction to them..i juz stand at there...hehe...anyway..really really really thx them!!! wat a wonderful birth tis year!! I LOVE UR GUYSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!

full house :)

basketball time :)
sushi king :)

while waiting jx n kp :)

toilet :)

second day of my birth-JULAI 17 :)

tis is the second day of my birth...i woke up at 9...reached keong there at 9sumthing..he took me n sarah to midvalley after sarah's interview...we watched street dance n the movie damn damn damn nice!!! love all the dancer so much!! after watched..went g2000 help keong choose shirt..n reached hm at 4..slp 2hours..woke up..n went jiaen's place...reached jiaen there at 9.30...damn hungry...share a set of food wif li liang...hmm..then reached hm at 12...n thx jiaen's present!! :)
shabu shabu :)

first day of my birth- JULAI 16 :)

well..tat day is my quite many presents from my frens...i love my presents...especially my 'gor gor' gv me one...the pig!! so cute!!! love the pig so much!! n wanna thx waiyen alot..she really did many things when my brith! love her so much!! after skul..went amcorp wif kian kun,chie yi,kayne n ting jien...they gv me a surprise...n all the secret recipe's waiter cum out n sang brithday song for me...damn paiseh!! bt still very happy n really thx for them!! they spend alot of money...after went bak to skul..i quickly went my interview..i felt very nervous..very scared...n im the third 1 tat nid to interview...5 minutes gone...10minutes gone...15minutes gone...OMG!!! its my turn!!! i went in..saw many committees..their face very scared me...then president started to ask me question...asking n asking..i felt wanna cry dy..coz they keep scold me..n SUDDENLY!! "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U,HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U,HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JIAXI,HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U!!" tat time..i cry out..i felt very shocked..all of them came in n they bought a cake!! all the committees felt very guilty n keep said sry to me..i really shocked n surprise!! REALLY LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!
steamboat :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

a tired day???

emm..lets see sum picture..ahaha... XD

Saturday, April 24, 2010


went GARDEN today...^^
my boss n tj very geng!! sing like a pro!! hahah...awesome!!! ai hua n kanye went bought 2 small cakes for tj...when the ppl bring the cakes cum felt very surprise...n he said he very surprise coz i gv him ULTRAMAN!! so cute!!! hehehe...anyway..HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him...hope he will like the piano book...hahhaa... :)